Reports and Resources

Reports and Resources

Throughout the implementation of this project, the CI-GEF Project Agency requires annual workplans and budgets. Reporting requirements include fiscal year annual work plans and budgets, quarterly reports, yearly reports on implementation and audited financials, and a terminal project evaluation conducted by an external consultant. 


Project Factsheets

English 8.5x11 (View PDF)

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French 8.4x11 (View PDF)

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Project Documents

Project Proposal (View PDF)

Gender Mainstreaming Plan (View PDF)

FY16 Workplan (View PDF)

FY16Q3 Quarterly Report (View PDF)

FY16Q4 Quarterly Report (View PDF)

UPDATED (4.19.2017) FY17 Workplan (View PDF)

FY17Q1 Quarterly Report (View PDF)

CRIC15 Presentation Report Summary (View PDF)

FY17Q2 Quarterly Report (View PDF)

FY17Q3 Quarterly Report (View PDF)

FY18 Workplan (View PDF)